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Looking for your new favorite indie rock band? Look no further than The Rare Occasions and their latest single "Notion." With an infectious chorus and catchy guitar riffs, this song is sure to become a fast favorite. And the best part? You can easily add it to your music library as an mp3 download. Get ready to hit repeat with "Notion" by The Rare Occasions.

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The Rare Occasions - Notion The Rare Occasions - Notion: A Must-Listen Indie Rock Single

If you’re a fan of indie rock music, you should definitely check out The Rare Occasions’ latest single, “Notion”. The Los Angeles-based quartet has been making waves in the indie rock scene since 2013, gaining a loyal following for their energetic live performances and infectious, guitar-driven sound.

“Notion” is a perfect showcase of the band’s unique style, combining melodic riffs with catchy lyrics and a driving beat. The song’s dynamic shifts and sing-along chorus make it an instant earworm, leaving you humming the tune long after it ends.

The best part? You can listen to “Notion” for free on the band’s website, where it’s available for streaming in high-quality audio. If you want to add it to your offline playlist, all you need to do is download it from the website, or purchase it on iTunes, Spotify, or Bandcamp.

Overall, “Notion” is a must-listen for fans of indie rock and anyone looking for a dose of infectious, guitar-driven music. With its catchy hooks and dynamic sound, it’s no wonder The Rare Occasions have garnered a reputation as one of the most exciting indie rock bands around. So what are you waiting for? Give “Notion” a listen and see for yourself why this quartet is turning heads in the indie scene.
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