PinkPantheress, Ice Spice - Boy’s a liar Pt. 2 (Official Video)



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Get ready to groove and move with PinkPantheress and Ice Spice's latest release: "Boy's a Liar Pt. 2"! The official music video is sure to captivate your senses and ears, leaving you wanting more. And the best part? You can now download the mp3 and take the catchy tune with you wherever you go! Read on to learn more about this must-hear collaboration.

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PinkPantheress, Ice Spice - Boy’s a liar Pt. 2 (Official Video) PinkPantheress, aka Brunskillz, is a British singer-songwriter who has been making waves in the indie-pop scene with her lo-fi, dreamy sound. Her latest single "Boy's a Liar Pt. 2" featuring Ice Spice is a follow-up to her previous track "Boy's a Liar" and is based on the theme of trust in relationships. It's a bittersweet love song that is sure to get you humming along.

The song is accompanied by a music video that perfectly captures the dreamy vibe of the track. The visuals are minimal, with PinkPantheress and Ice Spice seen in a blue-tinted room, captured in a series of simple but striking shots.

Listeners can hear the song in high-quality on PinkPantheress's YouTube channel, where the video has been uploaded. Spotify and SoundCloud also offer the track for streaming. The song is available for download on popular music stores like iTunes and Amazon. For those who want to save the track and listen offline, YouTube Premium, Spotify Premium, and Apple Music all offer download options.

Overall, "Boy's a Liar Pt. 2" is a fantastic addition to PinkPantheress's already impressive discography. With her dreamy vocals and the perfect combination of lo-fi beats, the track is a must-hear for anyone who loves indie-pop.
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