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Get ready to be blown away by I Am King's rendition of Shontelle's hit song "Impossible". This talented band has transformed the track into an epic rock anthem, and now you can download the mp3 and experience it for yourself. Don't miss out on this incredible new release - listen to I Am King and prepare to be amazed!

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I Am King - Impossible (Shontelle Cover) I Am King, an American post-hardcore band known for their electrifying covers of popular songs, recently released a powerful rendition of Shontelle's hit single "Impossible." The song, originally released in 2010, quickly became a fan favorite due to its emotionally charged lyrics and dynamic melody.

I Am King's cover version of the song breathes new life into the already beloved track, adding a heavy dose of aggression and intensity. The haunting vocals delivered by lead singer Sam Sky complement the choppy guitar riffs and explosive drumming, resulting in an unforgettable listening experience.

To listen to I Am King's cover of "Impossible," head over to their official YouTube channel, where you can find the song in high-quality audio. The video features the band performing the track in a dark and moody setting, emphasizing the intensity of the song's message. Additionally, the cover is available on various streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

If you want to save "Impossible" by I Am King to listen to it offline, the easiest way is to download the track using any of the available online video to MP3 converters. You can convert the video file from YouTube and download the audio in MP3 format effortlessly. Once downloaded, store it securely on your device and enjoy the powerful rendition of this classic song by I Am King.

In conclusion, I Am King's interpretation of "Impossible" is a must-listen for music lovers who enjoy passionate and explosive post-hardcore covers. With the band's energy and emotion, they have created a unique version that stands out from the crowd. So, go ahead and check out the song on YouTube or your favorite streaming platform and experience the awesomeness yourself!
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