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Get ready to groove to the rhythm of Deva Gana Songs! We've put together a captivating video jukebox featuring some of Deva's best Tamil hits. From foot-tapping melodies to high-energy beats, this collection has it all. And the best part? You can now download the mp3 versions of these classic movie songs from Pyramid Glitz Music. Stay tuned for more!

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Deva Gana Songs | Video Jukebox | Deva Tamil Hits | Tamil Movie Songs | Pyramid Glitz Music Deva Gana Songs | Video Jukebox | Deva Tamil Hits | Tamil Movie Songs | Pyramid Glitz Music

Tamil music is rich and diverse, and one of the most popular and beloved genres is Gana music. Gana music has its roots in the folk music of Tamil Nadu and has evolved into a highly popular style of music that is loved by people of all ages. One of the most renowned and accomplished composers of Gana music is Deva. In this blog post, we will delve into Deva's life and work and give you tips on how to listen to and save his music.

Deva - The Maestro of Gana Music

Deva was born on 20th March 1950 as Devanesan Chokkalingam in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He started his career as a musician in the 1980s and soon became a prominent figure in the Tamil film industry. Deva is known for his prolific output as a composer and his extraordinary talent at blending traditional folk tunes with contemporary rhythms to create infectious Gana music.

Deva has composed music for over 400 films, which include some of the biggest hits in Tamil cinema history. Some of his most popular songs include "Aathangara Marame" from Kizhakku Cheemaiyile, "Sollamal Thottu Chellum Thendral" from Dheena, and "Elamai Etho Etho" from Kadhal Kottai, to name just a few. Deva has won several awards for his work, including five Filmfare Awards and three Tamil Nadu State Film Awards.

Deva Gana Songs - Video Jukebox

If you're a fan of Deva's music, you're in luck. Pyramid Glitz Music, one of the leading music labels in India, has recently released a Deva Gana Songs Video Jukebox. The jukebox features some of Deva's biggest hits, including "Aathangara Marame," "Sollamal Thottu Chellum Thendral," and "Elamai Etho Etho." The video jukebox is an excellent way to listen to all your favorite Deva songs in one place.

Where to Hear the Songs in High Quality?

The Deva Gana Songs video jukebox is available on Pyramid Glitz Music's official YouTube channel. You can access the jukebox for free without any subscription. If you prefer to listen to your music in high quality, you should consider subscribing to Pyramid Glitz Music's streaming services. They offer the option to stream Deva's music in premium sound quality and also download them for offline listening.

How to Save the Songs for Offline Listening?

If you want to listen to Deva's songs offline, you can download them using Pyramid Glitz Music's official website. You can download the songs in MP3 format or opt for lossless FLAC format if you prefer higher quality music. The process is simple and straightforward.


Deva is one of the most influential and celebrated composers in the Tamil film industry. His Gana music has captured the hearts of millions of listeners, and his legacy continues to be celebrated even today. If you want to experience the magic of Deva's music, check out the Deva Gana Songs video jukebox from Pyramid Glitz Music. You can enjoy all your favorite Deva songs in one place and even download them for offline listening.
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